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stacking superdrol cycle
Superdrol cycle, dangerous but can get great results

A Comprehensive Guide To Superdrol Cycles

Superdrol cycle, dangerous but can get great results

A Comprehensive Guide To Superdrol Cycles

Have you decided to get physically bigger and stronger than before? Are you an athlete or a bodybuilder who wants to build a strong and wide-body? No matter what your goal is, reading this guide means you have chosen to run a Superdrol cycle, a famous steroid that bodybuilders and athletes use.

The most stunning fact of Superdrol, before we explore the details, is that it is one of the most robust orally-active steroids available. It is an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS) that is potent enough to deliver massive strength and lean muscle gains, provided you combine it with proper training and diet.

Unlike most anabolic compounds, the unique composition of anabolic steroids and testosterone boosters makes Superdrol results more powerful and more rapid. Thus, Superdrol is neither a typical hormone nor a simple supplement. It is commonly categorized as prohormone, a class of steroids.

Physique and performance enhancements are truly dependent on Superdrol cycles. In other words, it is the cycle that can significantly help you gain insane amounts of muscle.

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It is known that the more robust a steroid is, the more prominent its benefits and side effects are. Thus, Superdrol is one of the most beneficial as well as risky steroids. Still, it is a game-changer for several of us. What you need to keep in mind is that no steroid is without risks.

Thus, in this guide, let’s know what Superdrol is, what it does, what are the side effects, how its cycle looks like (even for beginners), and is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) required or not.

Official Disclaimer:

Anabolic androgenic steroids are threatening, as they can result in irreversible side effects and can even lead to death in case of inappropriate cycle support or dosage. Although benefits are commendable, the risks, at times, overshadow them. Thus, using these steroids is not recommended.

While this may sound somewhat duplicitous, we have a humane reason to share information on Superdrol cycles.

Passionate people are, still, going to use these risky steroids. Thus, our only intention to share this information is to ensure that they do it safely. This is why this guide is written. Despite being informed about the bulking cycles after reading this post, we highly recommend taking medical advice and then proceed to consume this AAS under strict supervision followed by an effective PCT.

This website is intended for informational purposes only and does not take the place of professional medical advice.

What is Superdrol?

Some of us know Superdrol as a popular prohormone or nutritional supplement, but it is chemically not a prohormone. A few know it as the secret to chiseled abs but it is better than that.

What most people do not know is that Superdrol has Methasterone, also known as Methyldrostanolone. Superdrol was only the name of the brand selling a dietary supplement having Methasterone. The supplement was sold by Anabolic Extreme, due to which many people recognize this AAS as Anabolic Extreme Superdrol.

Scientifically, it is Methasterone that is a bit altered version of Masteron. The name, Superdrol, is derived by combining two terms namely, super and Anadrol.

It is arguably the most potent as well as oral anabolic steroid in use for more than a decade, or perhaps even longer. This is impressive, as it eliminates the need of an injection to experience the typical steroid benefits.

Superdrol was first launched in the market in 2005 by Design Supplements. It is for those who wish to undergo a bulking cycle. However, it is also for a cutting or recomposition (recomp) cycle.

Using it as a part of the cut helps, as the steroid yields very hard as well as dry gains without bloating or water retention. Still, it is likely to be more effective for a bulking one due to its ability to assist in building bigger muscles.

Superdrol has a half-life of around eight hours. It works swiftly once administered, and its effects are noticeable within the initial few hours.

Superdrol can substantially boost muscular vascularity, tar recovery to keep muscle waste at bay, and increase lean muscle mass. Its quick action sets it apart from other conventional AAS options.

It has an active ingredient that functions to boost testosterone, which is called methyl Drostanolone, a steroidal hormone that is a modified version of the typical Masteron (Drostanolone). This makes this steroid as powerful as it is. Each Superdrol's cycle result is evident in terms of the increased overall size.

Methasterone was in use since the early 1950s, but it was not available as a prescription drug. In other words, it was never meant to be officially available via the pharmaceutical market. However, this does not mean that Superdrol was not sold.

It was promoted as a dietary supplement and a prohormone. Later, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) caught this misleading promotion, as methasterone is neither of the two and reclassified the steroid in 2005. Its production was discontinued in 2006 and the FDA warned the makers to stop producing it for users’ safety. Finally, the FDA officially banned Methasterone in 2012.

Current Legal Status: Superdrol is now a controlled substance, just as several other androgenic steroids. It is prohibited in the world of sports, which means it is illegal to consume it. Despite this status, many people are sourcing it illegally and consuming it due to its high oral bioavailability.

Superdrol Side Effects

Before you find out about Superdrol cycles, it is essential to know the side effects of this steroid. These are as follows:

Note: These side effects can be moderate to high. Some people do not experience them all. It all depends on how you use proper cycle support/PCT supplements

Understanding Superdrol Cycles

A cycle involves taking steroids in short spurts lasting for a couple of weeks. This typically occurs around twice or thrice a year.

When it comes to a Superdrol cycle, various factors come into play. Of all, the most significant ones are Superdrol dosage, cycle length, diet, workout regime, and liver-protective supplements. Typically, there is no point in having anabolic steroids without a proper diet and workout.

As Superdrol is highly hepatotoxic, it is highly recommended to have liver-protective supplements during the Superdrol cycle. It’s also highly recommended to run a test base with this steroid. Most of us tend to select Testosterone Enanthate or Sustanon for this purpose.

Most users stack Superdrol with other steroids. In our Anavar series we have already pointed out it is not a good idea to stack Superdrol with Anavar. It is commonly stacked with testosterone and the dose is decided as per the goal of cutting or bulking or simply at the testosterone replacement level.

Other steroids for stacking include Trenbolone and Nandrolone. If stacked with Trenbolone, you are likely to get insane results. Yes, several bodybuilders use Tren and Superdrol to obtain a synergetic effect.

Note: It is important to take Superdrol with food.

Superdrol Dosage

Due to its short half-life, this orally active steroid is administered multiple times a day. This is likely to ensure stable blood levels, consequently resulting in high potency and insane results. Thus, many people consume it evenly two to three times per day. For beginners, the recommended Superdrol dosage is 10 to 20 mg a day. On the other hand, for the intermediate ones, it is 20 to 30 mg a day. Only the advanced users or professionals should go for 30 to 40 mg a day. However, this dose is never recommended for minimizing the impact of side effects. According to most experts, 20 mg a day is ideal for enjoying big results at the reduced impact of its side effects.

Superdrol Cycle Length

Experienced consumers of Superdrol recommend a Superdrol cycle to last for 4 to 6 weeks. The exact cycle length relies on the ultimate goal and starting conditions but you should never extend it beyond six weeks due to a high risk of liver damage. It is believed that a 6-week Superdrol cycle with a low to medium dose is better than a 4-week cycle with a medium to high dose. The sweetest cycle seems to be of four weeks at 20 mg a day. People also choose a 6-week cycle at 10 to 20 mg a day. This cycle, according to Superdrol reviews, is likely to provide better results than running a cycle for four weeks at 40 mg a day. Just keep in mind that a higher dose is likely to result in more side effects.

Let’s now explore the approaches towards running a Superdrol cycle.

The figures and doses stated on this page are for reference only. Each body is different and you should learn to know your body. The advise is to start slow and don't overdo it. Do your own due diligence, listen to your body and don't follow any of the on this page suggested products or doses blindly. This website will not be held responsible for any damage done to your body.

Straight Cycle for Beginners

The first-time Superdrol users should begin with the dose of 10 mg. This recommendation aims in fulfilling two important goals, first to evaluate the sides and body response to the steroid, and second to complete the bottle content sparingly as water or glycogen rise will never require a big dose.

The recommended small dose is likely to make you feel better in terms of muscle hardness and drive in the first week. You are likely to gain water and glycogen. If you feel comfortable with these experiences, you can jump to 20 mg.

Although a sweet spot, 20 mg is too much for most sensitive people who then experience lethargy and bad back bumps. In terms of Superdrol results, you can expect excellent strength and size gains during the second and third week. So, those have a lightweight, 10 mg is ideal.

Going to 30 mg now is not necessary, as most users have reported side effects more than the gains. If you do not see good gains while on 20 mg, it indicates that you need to re-consider your diet and training prior to trying 30 mg.

Caution: A few Superdrol supplements, SD clones to be more specific, are improperly formulated. This can result in no-so-apparent gains on 20 mg. Jump to 30 mg only if side effects are not that major for you. Still, keep in mind that the dose of over 30 mg is only for those with a higher steroid tolerance and/or are more than 200 pounds in weight. Further, run the cycle’s duration only up to 30 days. With the 10 mg dose, you may stretch a little as a patient user but do not try to push hard.

Pulsed Cycle

A short half-life and potency make Superdrol suitable for pulsing, an approach meant to increase the cycle duration by using the steroid only three to four times a week by significantly mitigating shutdown (reduced testosterone) and sides.

Some users feel that pulsing with Superdrol thrice a week along with DC training can be one of the best ways to experience the benefits of this steroid.

The dose for a pulsed cycle should be 20 to 30 mg, slightly higher than the recommended dose. It is usually taken as follows: 10 mg or 20 mg before workout and 10 mg post-workout.

Ideally, you should begin with 10 mg and then shift to 20 mg to run most of your cycle at 20 and 30 mg. It is recommended to have 20 mg four twice a week or 30 mg thrice a week although the exact decision will depend on your body’s response!

In pulsing, you can extend the duration. This is commendable because the quicker the gains come, the tougher it becomes to retain them, as the body consumes time to adjust to retain more mass. Thus, a pulsed cycle ensures better retention of gains. Here, the length of six weeks should be fine.


It is a fact that Superdrol gains are rapid. However, a key issue here is that they are difficult to retain. One solution to this issue is to use the steroid at the beginning of a longer cycle. For example, you can use it to kickstart an injectable cycle. Here is a sample:

Test 500 mg Enanthate for 12 weeks with 20 to 30 mg Superdrol for the initial four weeks. Once Superdrol is over, the test starts and enables you to get the most of the obtained impressive gains over a period of few months.

Likewise, Superdrol is used to kickstart other oral cycles. An ideal way to do so is to bridge using a less-severe oral steroid such as Tren or Epistane (Epi). This is Superdrol Epistane stack. Here is a sample:

Superdrol as 10/20/20 and Epi as 00/00/30/40/40/40

A six-week cycle in which you take Superdrol for the initial three weeks (10/20/20) and Epi (30/40/40/40) from the third week until the sixth one. This facilitates initial big gains that are then hardened and strength is increased over the last three-week period. The weight of the body may not increase significantly. The focus here is to retain more gains by giving enough time to adjust to them.

A Superdrol cycle should result in scaled calories as per your weight. For example, if you start a cycle at 4000 calories and 220 pounds and grow to 230 pounds by the fourth week, your calories during that week should be (235/220) * 4000 = 4273. If this is not done, the rapid Superdrol gains are likely to stop during this week. This is also the reason why a three-week Superdrol cycle is popular, although it is less likely to give much real gain.

Note: As Superdrol is highly potent, it is always chosen to be consumed first in any bridge approach. The motive here is to have most gains as early as possible and then give ample time to the body to adapt to them. If quick gains strike at the end of a cycle, it will take no time for them to easily vanish.

Caution: These suggestions or approaches for oral cycling are harsh. However, they are some of the most effective ways to get sustainable gains from the oral intake.

Superdrol cycle for maximal gains

Should Beginners Consider Superdrol for Their First Cycle?

Taking Superdrol in the first cycle is like diving from a height into the deep end on the first day of swimming training. This can be dangerous. So, beginners should not consider this anabolic steroid for their first cycle because of its great toxicity.

It should ideally be the last option a novice should think of. For beginners, a testosterone cycle is safer as well as effective enough to give exceptional strength and muscle gains.

Nevertheless, a novice may take Superdrol and remain safe if a very low dose is taken, such as only 5 mg. Bodybuilders usually do not take such a low dose. So, getting positive results with this dose is uncertain.

Caution: It is generally unwise to stack Superdrol with other compounds, especially for beginners, although using liver-protective supplements is highly recommended after professional consultation. They should stick to short cycles and conventional doses.

The Superdrol Effects: What Superdrol Does?

Superdrol is a great bulking oral steroid whose rapid gains in strength and weight begin in the first week. This happens due to the swift uptake of glycogen and water into your muscles. Glycogen acts as the muscle fuel during a workout, due to which you get more strength and endurance at the time of workouts.

The added glycogen and water amplify the muscles up, rendering a wider, fuller look and a tougher feel. The full muscles eject the veins and augment vascularity as well.

Superdrol creates an excellent anabolic environment, due to which it not only results in incredible gains in strength and size but also functions as an anti-catabolic compound during a recomp or cut. As the steroid does not aromatize into estrogen, the effect of bloating should not be there.

It is supposed to be dry and facilitate a hard look. Bloating only happens if the intake of carbohydrates is high although it can be your body’s response to carbs. Many consumers would agree that Superdrol needs a high carb intake, as it produces more glycogen in the muscles, subsequently resulting in lower blood sugar levels.

For these people, this AAS may not be ideal during a cut. Nevertheless, for some, the nutrient partitioning impact is so favorable that the carb intake can be increased without problematic fat gain.

Superdrol seems to give great results once used with other AAS. It is not uncommon to see the extra 10 lbs. of muscle over the period of four to six weeks.

Strength results or gains usually begin in the second week. For many users, adding almost 10 pounds to the bench each week is common.

PCT for Superdrol

PCT after taking Superdrol is indispensable. It is recommended to start using a SERM starting the day after stopping the intake of this steroid or whichever you stop in a bridge. Some popular SERMs are nolva, toremifene, and clomid. Of all, clomid is for restoring the natural production of testosterone to sustain the gains in PCT.

Some people prefer taking extra supplements to sustain the gains, which include cortisol blockers, cycle support supplements, creatine at the beginning of PCT, or 6-bromo based testosterone boosters after or during PCT. The belief of "more is better" is fine to some extent, but it all comes down to personal choice in the end.

Superdrol For Sale

Being a schedule III-controlled substance, Superdrol is not available on sale. However, you may find it in the black market. Even some online vendors sell it, but you need to look for an authorized vendor. Otherwise, just look for alternatives such as Dianabol to get rid of legal issues at the cost of somewhat reduced potency.


Superdrol is a robust anabolic steroid that is useful for building muscles, hardening the physique, cutting, and increasing strength and overall athletic performance. With a short half-life, its impact on strength and muscle mass is immense if you schedule proper Superdrol cycles. However, it is among the highest-risk steroids with a bad impact on the heart and liver.

Superdrol side effects

Written by Lee Jackson

Last edited: April 20th 2021 | Reviewed by J. Stone M.D.

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