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HGH bodybuilding mass gains

What To Know Before Starting a HGH Cycle – Benefits, Rules & Cycles Explained

HGH bodybuilding mass gains

What To Know Before Starting a HGH Cycle

Disclaimer: We do not endorse taking steroids due to their moderate to serious side effects. Still, this post has been written for those who still wish to run steroid cycles in the safest possible manner. Every intake of HGH should be supervised by a medical doctor.

Putuitary Growth Hormone

The HGH – human growth hormone – is produced naturally throughout the body. It is responsible for cell regeneration and production, as well as the muscular and skeletal growth. It has multiple functions throughout the body and will also boost the metabolism and cause fat loss. Levels are naturally high for more reasons.

For instance, younger individuals have more HGH than older ones. More sleep will also boost the production, as well as physical activity and the health status. It is obviously related to the genetics as well. According to various studies, the HGH will drop by 15% every decade in adults – this is when fat gain kicks in, not to mention less energy or wrinkles.

People all over the world try to boost the HGH and reduce the natural aging effects. It has also been approved by the FDA, but not with anti-aging purposes. Instead, it is used to treat the natural deficiency and particular growth-related affections. The truth is it is more popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts though.

There are more people engaging in a full HGH cycle for beauty purposes than for actual health-related problems. When it comes to boosting the performance, the dose is higher than in the medical industry – about two to four IU a day. Top-notch bodybuilders can go even higher than that. Cycles vary in length too – anywhere between six weeks and four months, with four months being the average.

Benefits Of HGH Cycles

There are more reasons wherefore people stick to HGH. Sometimes, the human growth hormone is prescribed by a specialist doctor against certain medical affections. Other times, it is simply used to delay that natural signs of aging, not to mention promoting fat loss in fitness enthusiasts. All in all, here are all the benefits associated with the hormone supplementation.

Extra height

Different people have different heights, but some of them stand out simply because they have failed to reach the optimal height for their age. This issue is normally detected in an early stage, when children are way shorter than those in their classroom. The issue will persist throughout adulthood without proper treatment.

This is when the HGH therapy kicks in. Most commonly, the therapy is prescribed by a specialist doctor. Giving HGH to children without a prescription is contraindicated – instead, visit a pediatric endocrinologist. Once inside the body, the human growth hormone will boost the growth, but it will also work on the quality of life later on.

It is important to know that a human growth hormone therapy will not necessarily add inches to your height if you are already an adult. Late teenagers may experience the same issue. Once the puberty years are over, the HGH will no longer have this effect on people – therefore, parents should identify potential problems at an early stage.

Muscle building

While the HGH is mostly given for medical purposes, the truth is there are way more people taking it for completely different reasons – most commonly, for aesthetic purposes. A full HGH cycle is very likely to improve the muscle-building capabilities of the body. Despite having such amazing characteristics, the HGH is not an anabolic steroid – yet, it can be stacked with steroids.

From a medical point of view, the human growth hormone is given to treat the cachexic state of the body. This issue refers to muscular waste. It is a side effect of various medical affections, such as the HIV infection. Other similar problems that prevent patients from gaining or retaining muscles will also require HGH therapies.

The hormone will help the body go in a different direction when used for aesthetic purposes. It will move the body from a catabolic state. It practically improves the levels of nitrogen, as well as the retention rates. The protein synthesis is positively affected too, so muscular cells will naturally gain lean mass – quick and efficient.

Fat burning

As if muscular gain was not enough, the natural fat burning capabilities of this hormone are not to be overlooked either. When administered by the book, it aims to reduce the layers of fat under the skin. This is by far one of the top reasons wherefore more and more people implement HGH cycles into their lifestyles.

The effects of HGH over adipose tissues are more significant than the muscular building effect – the anabolic properties. Simply put, there are times when muscular mass is not necessarily needed. Instead, burning the fat hiding muscles is more efficient. Taking HGH on a regular basis will, therefore, boost the muscular definition.


HGH is said to be the most efficient anti-aging therapy out there and for some good reasons. When taken by the book, it has the power to reverse and prevent some of the most common signs of aging. For example, it is known for boosting the collagen synthesis, which will reduce all kinds of age related signs – such as wrinkles.

Collagen has numerous benefits for the skin. It plumps it and it makes it more elastic. Wrinkles are less likely to appear and if they are already there, they will be reduced. On the same note, sagging issues will no longer bother you. Collagen is also helpful for your nails and hair. Follicles will be thicker, so gray hairs are less likely to show up too soon.

These benefits make the HGH cycle a more efficient option over anabolic steroids. If you take your time to analyze most anabolic steroids, you will notice they actually negatively affect the hair and nails. Some of them rush the natural aging signs, not to mention reducing the levels of collagen. Apart from looking younger, you will feel the same way too – more energy and vitality.

How To Complete A Full HGH Cycle

When used to enhance the performance or add to the muscular gains, HGH can provide exquisite results over a relatively short amount of time. The therapy is not really recommended to beginners. Instead, it is more suitable for advanced users with years of experience and a good physical condition. Beginners will normally stick to bulking steroids, such as testosterone, anadrol or dianabol.

HGH is normally introduced once gains stagnate. Certain steroids can help bulk up, add to the strength and mass. But just like everyone else, you will experience a plateau at some point. Gains simply stop coming. This is when a proper HGH cycle kicks in to take your venture in bodybuilding to a completely different level.

A simple HGH cycle for beginners implies taking the hormone by itself. It should not be mixed with various steroids because the effects might be too harsh for your body – not really the good ones, but the potential side ones. The cycle will give you a decent muscular increase without any major changes overnight.

All in all, such a cycle will expand over 16 weeks. To keep everything in the middle range, stick to not more than four IU a day. Try taking the hormone at the same time on a daily basis to ensure it is always inside the body. The effects will be similar to what you can achieve with mild steroids too, such as primobolan or anavar.

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5 4iu per day
6 4iu per day
7 4iu per day
8 4iu per day
94iu per day
10 4iu per day
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12 4iu per day
13 4iu per day
14 4iu per day
15 4iu per day
16 4iu per day

Putuitary Growth Hormone

How To Complete A Testosterone And HGH Cycle

Before moving on with this cycle, it is imperative to know that testosterone has an androgenic nature. Therefore, it is not a suitable option for women because it will cause a series of unwanted side effects. Moving on, HGH and testosterone make a pretty popular combo that will boost the muscle building capabilities of your body. It will also boost the fat loss process, not to mention adding to the strength.

This HGH cycle can be used for various purposes. Some people use it to bulk up and gain in mass and size. Some others use it for cutting purposes. Testosterone is quite common – especially among beginners – as a first steroid. It builds muscle in no time and aims to reduce the amounts of fat under the skin.

To help you get an idea about what to expect, you should know that using a stack of HGH and testosterone for the first time will give you around 30 pounds of lean mass, assuming you eat the right things and hit the gym regularly. Therefore, the stack is great for those who want to add more lean mass and proper muscular gains.

Such a cycle will go over 16 weeks. Throughout the HGH cycle, you will stick to the same HGH dose on a daily basis – just four IU a day. Take the dose at the same time everyday for maximum efficiency. During the first half of the cycle, stick to HGH only. In other words, ignore testosterone. It kicks in over the ninth week and implies taking 400mg a day until the end of the cycle.

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9 4iu per day 400 mg
10 4iu per day 400 mg
11 4iu per day 400 mg
12 4iu per day 400 mg
13 4iu per day 400 mg
14 4iu per day 400 mg
15 4iu per day 400 mg
16 4iu per day 400 mg

Potential side effects

Stacking steroids implies gaining more from them, but that means side effects will also be a bit more aggressive. The good news is HGH has mild side effects and the same rule applies when you throw some testosterone in. Bringing it in will not affect your health too much, as it is a relatively mild steroid suitable for novices.

The strain on your cardiovascular health is low and mild. Of course, effects could be harsher if you exceed the dosage – some advanced bodybuilders are alright to do it. If you are new or intermediate, stick to a moderate dose of 400mg a day only. You are less likely to end up with any hepatic toxicity, as the steroid must be taken by injections.

You might, however, experience androgenic effects when you mix these substances. Male pattern baldness could be one of the side effects. Acne may also kick in, so get ready to face some spots. On the other hand, the prostate could be slightly enlarged throughout the cycle. All these effects occur because of the higher levels of DHT – issues with the hair and too much sebum production.

It is worth noting that your testosterone and HGH cycle may affect the natural levels of testosterone as well. During the initial stage of the cycle, these levels will skyrocket. As you finish the cycle, they will drop down. The testosterone will be a bit lower, as the natural production is also reduced. Side effects could be handled with PCT medication.

Putuitary Growth Hormone

How To Complete A T3, Anavar And HGH Cycle

When mixed with anavar and T3, HGH becomes extraordinary for fat loss and burning. It makes a top-notch cutting cycle due to the effects of each component. T3 – also known as cytomel – is an aggressive fat-burning hormone. It is usually given as a prescription drug to those suffering from obesity and other associated affections.

Bodybuilders will inevitably implement it into their routine to increase the metabolic rate, which will directly boost the lipolysis. As a direct consequence, fat burning becomes a matter of time only. This T3, anavar and HGH cycle will seem a bit unusual because the T3 dose has to be changed regularly, only to prevent the potential side effects.

On the other hand, anavar is probably the most popular cutting steroid out there. It will provide fat loss results almost overnight. Meanwhile, bodybuilders can also add to the muscular mass by gaining lean muscle. Anavar is critical in this cycle because it prevents the body from reaching a catabolic state. After all, T3 will burn both fat and muscle when taken without such an anabolic agent.

The cycle lasts 16 weeks. During the first eight weeks, you will only build up with the human growth hormone. In other words, take four IU a day for eight weeks – nothing else. Take the dose at the same time everyday to ensure better results. Once the first eight weeks are over, you can bring the second component of the stack in – anavar.

The anavar dosage does not change throughout the cycle. Starting with the ninth week, you need to take 20mg of anavar per day. Again, make sure you do it at the same time everyday. You want the avatar in your body throughout most of the day, but especially when you workout – therefore, it is not such a good idea to take it before going to sleep.

Finally, T3 should be taken during the last six weeks of the cycle only. T3 is quite powerful and should not be abused. Doses vary widely. During the eleventh week, stick to not more than 25mcg per day. The twelfth week should see an increase – 50mcg a day over the whole week. The next two weeks will bring in 75mcg a day, only to start decreasing over the past two weeks.

Simply put, take 50mcg a day in the week before the last one, as well as 25mcg in the last week. While not mandatory, you can enhance this HGH stack by adding testosterone as well. You can boost the anabolism by adding 100mg/week of testosterone. It is a low dose, so it will not really affect the water retention. If you do bring it in, use it in the last eight weeks of the HGH cycle.

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6 4iu per day - -
7 4iu per day - -
8 4iu per day - -
9 4iu per day 20mg per day -
10 4iu per day 20mg per day -
11 4iu per day 20mg per day 25mcg per day
12 4iu per day 20mg per day 50mcg per day
13 4iu per day 20mg per day 75mcg per day
14 4iu per day 20mg per day 75mcg per day
15 4iu per day 20mg per day 50mcg per day
16 4iu per day 20mg per day 25mcg per day

Women who opt for this stack should reduce the levels of anavar. Everything else in the stack can be the same, but anavar should be reduced. The potential side effects could be too masculine for women, so their voices might deepen – hair may also grow faster than normally. With these thoughts in mind, women should only take 10mg of anavar throughout the cycle.

Potential Side Effects

This HGH stack is quite impressive and will work wonders. But at the end of the day, you are combining three or four substances. Each of them has mild side effects when taken alone, so side effects could become moderate when mixed together. Some of these effects could be enhanced only because of the actual stack.

When it comes to T3, your endogenous levels will be slightly suppressed post cycle. Restoring the levels back to normal may take up to a month. This month will see a slower metabolism. From this point of view, you are more likely to overeat. Therefore, pay attention to your diet and avoid excesses in order to prevent this effect. Simply lower the calorie intake straight away.

Furthermore, anavar is rated as a mild steroid without any major side effects. Most bodybuilders report no effects at all. But then, on the inside, it will increase the levels of bad cholesterol, while reducing the levels of good cholesterol. Basically, blood vessels are more likely to get clogged throughout the T3, anavar and HGH cycle.

Apart from the bad cholesterol, anavar will negatively affect the levels of blood lipids as well. In order to prevent such problems, most bodybuilders take more supplements at the same time. Supplements are meant to prevent or tackle potential side effects. When it comes to anavar, four grams of fish oil a day will ameliorate the cardiovascular strain.

Anavar is taken orally, which is a great plus for most bodybuilders who hate injections. It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream too. But then, no matter how convenient they are, oral steroids are hepatotoxic, so they put a lot of stress on the liver. Powerful steroids may also damage the liver, which is a serious issue.

On a more positive note, anavar is not very powerful. Despite being hepatotoxic, its effects are extremely mild. Liver inflammation will almost never occur in healthy bodybuilders. Those with liver issues may experience slight problems, but maintaining the dosage within the right limits can prevent too much trouble.

Having anavar in this cycle will automatically suppress the levels of testosterone too. Luckily, this is a temporary problem. Once you are done with the HGH cycle, the testosterone will get back to normal. It will, however, take a few weeks. This is why some people add testosterone to the stack too. A PCT can also be used if you feel the side effects.

The Effects Of A Full HGH Cycle In Women

There are countless options when it comes to steroids, bodybuilding supplements and fitness pills for men. Women, on the other hand, are a bit limited when it comes to such substances for a simple reason. Many of them can bring in virilization symptoms. Women can end up with deeper voices, facial hair and other similar symptoms.

While some anabolic steroids are safe for both men and women – usually, the mild ones, women still face a series of limitations. The good news is a full HGH cycle will not really cause masculinization. Even when taken on a daily basis over 16 weeks, the human growth hormone will not increase the levels of androgen hormones – such as the unnecessary amount of testosterone.

Simply put, women can successfully adopt a cycle without worrying about developing male characteristics. They can use the human growth hormone to build some muscles, gain some shape and add some tone to their body. On the same note, they can use the hormone to burn fat too – it is just a matter of personal objectives.

From many points of view, many of the effects associated with the HGH supplementation are more desirable for women than for men. For example, women are more likely to care about preventing the natural aging signs. On the same note, they are more likely to care about burning fat or maintaining their nails, hair and skin in perfect condition.

Nothing is perfect though and the HGH supplementation makes no exception either. The HGH may have slight side effects and some of them include tissue and bone enlargement. These effects will not occur over a few cycles. Instead, they can kick in over long periods of time and significant abuse. For a man, such effects may not necessarily be too troublesome.

HGH Versus Anabolic Steroids

If you take a few minutes to think about it, the HGH has similar effects to anabolic steroids. They also go hand in hand and you can easily stack a few steroids in a full HGH cycle. But then, what is the difference? HGH is an inferior compound in muscular building, so its overall effects are mild and not that aggressive.

On the same note, apart from positive effects, the HGH will also have milder side effects. Therefore, compared to steroids, the HGH will bring in too many heart or cardiovascular-related risks. There will be some fluctuations in the levels of good and bad cholesterol, but they are relatively small and insignificant in the long run.

Other than that, the hormone is not hepatotoxic, meaning it will not affect the liver. Pretty much every anabolic steroid out there – only the oral ones – will damage the liver. This is the reason wherefore many bodybuilders mix anabolic steroids with a bunch of different supplements to annihilate the potential adverse reactions.

Furthermore, the hormone therapy is less likely to cause gynecomastia – male breasts. It is, however, a potential side effect, but its incidence is extremely rare, especially when compared to anabolic steroids. It will not cause androgenic effects either, as the testosterone will not really be affected. As a direct consequence, you would not have to worry about baldness, oily skin, acne or prostate growth.

The HGH increases the collagen synthesis and prevents aging signs – the opposite of steroids, which will rush these signs. There is no PCT required during the HGH cycle, yet most steroids do need such supplements. When it comes to women, it does not produce virilization, so it is suitable for them – quite desirable actually.

There are a few aspects where anabolic steroids seem to dominate. One of them is the administration. Many anabolic steroids can be administered orally. While this aspect puts a strain on the liver, many bodybuilders choose this option because it is more convenient. Needles can be painful and problematic, while a pill or a tablet can be taken anywhere, anytime.

Other than that, the price is another aspect where anabolic steroids gain over the human growth hormone. The human growth hormone is associated with posh industries and celebrities. Therefore, its price is quite high. Some steroids can cost dozens of times less than the HGH supply for a month, so you need a good budget for such a therapy.

The price for a full 16 week HGH cycle depends on what you need it for. If you only need small doses for anti-aging purposes, you will pay less than if you want to burn fat and gain some lean mass or redefine your muscles. Fitness purposes require higher doses of HGH, meaning the monthly costs will be much higher.


As a short final conclusion, the HGH cycle may not be worth it for everyone. If you only need a few extra pounds of lean mass, chances are you can get them without the HGH too. If you are an elite bodybuilder and need extra pounds of mass after hitting a plateau, the HGH makes a good choice. It has a bunch of extra benefits too – such as anti-aging, which make it suitable for other categories of people as well.

Written by Lee Jackson

Last edited: April 20th 2021 | Reviewed by J. Stone M.D.

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