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HGH bodybuilding mass gains

Dianabol cycles and stacks | Everything you need to know

HGH bodybuilding mass gains

Dianabol cycles and stacks | Everything you need to know

Disclaimer: We do not endorse taking steroids due to their moderate to serious side effects. Still, this post has been written for those who still wish to run steroid cycles in the safest possible manner. Every intake of anabolic steroids should be supervised by a medical doctor.

Whether you are after bulking up a little bit, gaining some stamina or strength, dianabol is currently one of the most popular options on the anabolic market. Scientifically known as methandrostenolone, Dianabol has become the primary choice on the market, especially since its reputation skyrocketed in the so-called golden era of bodybuilding.

Back then, restrictions were quite limited and bodybuilders were allowed to try all kinds of substances to gain a competitive edge. Sure, things have changed overtime, especially when it comes to official competitions. But with all these, dianabol has stuck around and has become a top choice for amateur bodybuilders or simply those who want to gain weight fast.

Dianabol was developed in 1955. Back then, John Ziegler was trying to push the Olympic team forward in an era dominated by Soviets. The doctor’s mission failed and American athletes failed to win against the Soviets, despite going through a dianabol cycle. But then, his anabolic substance took the bodybuilding industry to a different level and changed everything about it.

These days, dianabol is still a front runner and can easily outweigh most of its competition. Apart from anadrol, there are no other steroids that can successfully compete against it. Those who are interested in bulking up fast have probably tried it already, while many newbies have it on their wish lists. Its efficiency is not the only good thing about it though.

Dianabol is probably the most efficient oral steroid out there. Its oral purpose is another significant plus. Lots of people avoid strong steroids simply because they are usually administered through injections – not the most exciting option out there. All in all, this article will give you all the information you need about completing a successful dbol cycle.

A Dianabol Cycle – Beginner’s Guide

Dianabol can be taken independently or mixed with other steroids. Most beginners will simply try to take it by itself, rather than take it too further. The cycle is usually conducted as a secondary one, meaning it should not be your first choice if you are new. Instead, start with something milder, like anavar or testosterone. Give yourself time to recover and move on to dianabol later on.

Compared to testosterone, dianabol will put more pressure on the liver by increasing the levels of cholesterol. However, if you do decide to go for it first because you are in great health condition, you will experience incredible gains as a first-time user. Weight gains can easily go up to around 30 pounds, not to mention the strength levels.

The cycle should only last for five weeks. During the first two weeks, you need to take 10mg a day. Do it in a single dose, usually about the same time of the day. The next two weeks can do with a higher dbol dosage. Once your body is used to it, increase it to 15mg a day over the third and fourth week. As for the fifth week, go up to 20mg a day.

WEEK Dianabol
1 10mg per day
2 10mg per day
3 15mg per day
4 15mg per day
5 20mg per day

This dianabol cycle is the most appropriate choice for beginners. Doses are relatively low and mild, so you are less likely to experience any major side effects. Despite this fact, dianabol is still powerful and will give you massive gains over a short period of time. Plus, it is a handy option for those who want quick results without injections – such as testosterone.

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A Dianabol Cycle – Advanced User’s Guide

If you have taken dianabol before, you are probably familiar with the dianabol cycle for beginners. As you are more advanced, you can increase doses a bit. While newbies may find this option to be faster, it is not really recommended, unless you have already completed a beginner’s cycle. Otherwise, side effects might be higher.

An advanced dianabol cycle will last six weeks. The first two weeks imply having 20mg a day – again, stick to the same approximate time every single day. After the first two weeks, you can increase the dose to 25mg a day. Stick to this dose throughout the remaining of your cycle. Doses are, indeed, higher, but results will also be better – side effects may also kick in.

WEEK Dianabol
1 20mg per day
2 20mg per day
3 25mg per day
4 25mg per day
5 25mg per day
6 25mg per day

More advanced users – those who have taken dianabol more times before – can do with initial doses of 30mg a day. If you have taken it for years, your body is probably used to it, so you can go up to 50mg a day over the past few weeks of the cycle. At the same time, more advanced users will also be able to increase the cycle duration to eight weeks.

Side Effects During A Dianabol Cycle


Liver support is mandatory when dealing with powerful steroids. Dianabol is metabolized by the liver and can cause side effects. They are not too aggressive, especially as the liver can heal by itself. However, you still want to look after it. Reducing the short-term damage is possible with the right supplementation during the dianabol cycle.

TUDCA is one of the most popular supplements out there and a common choice among bodybuilders taking steroids – 500mg a day. The supplement is practically a natural bile salt that boosts the natural function of the liver. TUDCA is naturally available in the liver too, but supplementation is mandatory. Milk thistle represents another good choice, whether you use it as an alternative or a backup solution.


Bodybuilders are likely to face low testosterone levels throughout a dianabol cycle due to the high amounts of exogenous testosterone. As a direct consequence, the natural production will be reduced – you do not want that, especially as such effects may also persist after the cycle is done. Side effects include low immunity or poor sexual performance.

HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin – is most commonly used against certain affections, but it will also work for bodybuilders because it will boost the natural levels of testosterone. A PCT cycle should not be started while still on the dianabol cycle, but once the steroid is out of the body. In other words, you need to give your body 33 hours before the supplementation. Take 2,000IU every two days for 20 days.


Dianabol may lead to water retention, as well as bloating sensations. Why? Easy – the steroid will turn testosterone into estrogen. High levels of estrogen can cause gynecomastia, so you need to keep it under control with the optimal supplementation. You basically have to block this conversion – an effect of the steroid.

The most common options include tamoxifen and clomiphene. They can be found under more branded names, but novaldex and clomid are the most popular ones. If you choose nolvadex, stick to 10mg to 30mg a day. If you take clomid, get 50mg to 100mg a day. Take such a supplement while on the dianabol cycle.

Blood pressure

Last, but not least, the blood pressure must be monitored as well. Bad cholesterol will go up, while good cholesterol will lower down. Such effects will increase the blood pressure. To reduce it, have 3g of fish oil on a daily basis. Take the fish oil for eight weeks, meaning you have to take it even after you finish the dianabol cycle. Avoid it if you suffer from low blood pressure though.

Dianabol And Testosterone Cycle

Dianabol is similar to testosterone, but lots of people choose it because of its oral administration. It is more anabolic and potent than testosterone, yet testosterone is also a prolific choice. The two can be mixed together, but only by advanced bodybuilders who have used them independently before. Results will be dramatically improved.

Stacking dianabol and testosterone will take the levels of natural testosterone even lower, increasing the risks of man breasts and water retention. The results will make the difference though, but make sure you rely on a top-notch PCT to keep your hormones balanced. The blood pressure will also be higher throughout this test and dbol cycle due to the high increase in levels of bad cholesterol.

The cycle begins with testosterone only. During the first week, take 200mg of testosterone on a daily basis. Double up the dose to 400mg a day during the second week. You can add dianabol in the third week. The third and fourth weeks bring in 400mg of testosterone and 10mg of dianabol on a daily basis – ideally at the same time.

The fifth week is when you double up the dose of dianabol to 20mg a day. Stick to 400mg of testosterone a day throughout the fifth week too. The dose of dianabol will remain unchanged throughout the cycle. However, you will take 500mg of testosterone a day starting with the sixth week and throughout the ninth one. Over the tenth week, reduce the dose of testosterone to 200mg a day.

WEEK Dianabol Testosterone
1 - 200 mg
2 - 400 mg
3 10 mg per day 400 mg
4 10 mg per day 400 mg
5 20 mg per day 400 mg
6 20 mg per day 500 mg
7 20 mg per day 500 mg
8 20 mg per day 500 mg
9 20 mg per day 500 mg
10 20 mg per day 500 mg

Again, extra supplementation is mandatory during this dianabol steroid cycle. Therefore, you need TUDCA – 500mg a day – for your liver. About 3g of fish oil a day will reduce the blood pressure, while nolvadex – around 30mg a day – will keep the estrogen under control. HCG (2,000IU every two days for 20 days) is also needed, not to mention clomid – about 100mg a day for 30 days.

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Dianabol And Deca Durabolin Cycle

This combo is known for incredible gains in mass – Arnold Schwarzenegger's favorite cycle. While his genetics played an important role in his Mr. Olympia awards, the cycle was widely replicated by other bodybuilders aiming to achieve similar results. Deca durabolin – also known as nandrolone – is excellent when mixed with dianabol, as it is quite mild and less likely to put more strain on the liver.

Deca durabolin is taken by injections. Once it, it will take your gains and strength to a completely different level. Obviously, just like any other steroid, it has potential side effects that you have to combat with the right supplements – such as lower levels of testosterone and extra water retention. On another side, the cycle will not affect your hair, as androgenic effects are quite mild.

This dianabol cycle is not suitable for complete beginners but intermediate users who have tried steroids before – especially those who have taken dianabol independently. The whole cycle takes 10 weeks and begins with nandrolone. During the first two weeks, take nandrolone only – not more than 400mg a day.

Over the next two weeks, add dianabol in with a mild dose of 10mg a day only. The nandolone dose remains unchanged at 400mg a day. Over the next six weeks, you only have to increase the dose of dianabol to 20mg a day. Stick to these doses throughout the remaining weeks of the cycle – 400mg of nandrolone and 20mg of dianabol.

WEEK Deca Dianabol
1 400 mg -
2 400 mg -
3 400 mg 10 mg per day
4 400 mg 10 mg per day
5 400 mg 20 mg per day
6 400 mg 20 mg per day
7 400 mg 20 mg per day
8 400 mg 20 mg per day
9 400 mg 20 mg per day
10 400 mg 20 mg per day

When it comes to potential side effects, nandrolone can cause impotence during the first few weeks. It is a temporary problem and quite mild. To prevent it, you need to keep the prolactin under control as the levels skyrocket in the cycle. High levels will lower your libido and cause erectile dysfunction, so bring in caberglobine.

The supplement is most commonly found as dostinex. It is dopamine working against prolactin. Normally, you should take about 0.5mg to one mg per week. Stick to this supplement throughout the whole dianabol cycle. You may need to see a doctor for a prescription – do it as soon as you start taking deca durabolin.

Keeping other potential side effects under control implies taking other supplements. To keep the estrogen levels low, get nolvadex – 10mg to 30mg a day. For your liver, TUDCA is a great choice used in most steroid cycles – 500mg a day. Take 3g of fish oil a day for the blood pressure and a powerful PCT – HCG (2,000IU every two days for 20 days) and clomid (100mg for 30 days).

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Dianabol And Anadrol Cycle

Anadrol and dianabol are among the most powerful options on the market. When taken individually, each of them can provide exquisite results in terms of mass. Strength will also skyrocket. Now, imagine the outcome when the two are mixed together. While the dianabol transformation is out of this world, the truth is you need to stack steroids in a responsible manner, so do your homework.

On a different note, both dianabol and anadrol are oral steroids, so there are no injections required. It sounds like the perfect option to take your gains to the ultimate level, but then, there is a catch. Side effects are not possible, but real. They will make you feel terrible. In fact, your blood pressure will reach some unusual records.

Your liver values will also go to some unusual limits and the bad news is you will actually feel them. You will feel bad and you will have to work through these feelings in order to achieve your desired gains. You will have to hit the gym even if you feel bad. With these thoughts in mind, this cycle is for those who have tried and stacked powerful steroids before. Simply put, this dianabol cycle is for those in perfect health.

The cycle is powerful and should not exceed six weeks. It implies taking dbol and anadrol simultaneously from day one. During the first three weeks, you need to take 50mg of anadrol a day. Take the steroid at the same time on a daily basis. Starting with the fourth week, you can increase the daily dosage to 75mg per day.

Meanwhile, the levels of dianabol are unchanged during the dbol anadrol stack cycle – take not more than 30mg a day. Even if you have leftovers of any of the steroids, it is imperative to stick to the recommended anadrol and dbol dosage – plus, the cycle duration. Given the side effects, proper supplementation is also highly indicated throughout the cycle.

WEEK Dianabol Anadrol
1 30mg per day 50 mg per day
2 30mg per day 50 mg per day
3 30mg per day 50 mg per day
4 30mg per day 75 mg per day
5 30mg per day 75 mg per day
6 30mg per day 75 mg per day

TUDCA is mandatory to support your liver during the pressure – 500mg a day will be required. Fish oil is also needed because your blood pressure may go too high. Stick to 3g of fish oil on a daily basis. Controlling the estrogen is fairly simple with nolvadex – 30mg a day. Meanwhile, get HCG – 2,000IU every two days for 20 days – and clomid – 100mg a day for 30 days.


As a short final conclusion, there are more options out there when interested in a dianabol cycle. Steroids are science. They can provide exquisite results, but you need to take them in a responsible manner – and combine them accordingly. Results will be incredible. Taking the wrong ones could lead to problematic side effects and even long-term conditions.

Taking dianabol by itself should be more than enough for both beginner and intermediate users. When not sure what to take with dbol, your options are more diversified, with testosterone and deca durabolin being the most popular options out there. Taking it further implies stacking dbol with anadrol, but this option is not for everyone.

Different people react to steroids in different ways. To some people, a dianabol cycle might be more than enough – a few side effects and the required gains in no time. To others, a high dose of dianabol may mean nothing, so stacking is necessary. Sometimes, finding what truly works for you is about trial and error.

Written by Lee Jackson

Last edited: April 20th 2021 | Reviewed by J. Stone M.D.

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